Ananda is the Sanskrit word for bliss

It is the natural state of being when we find connection to ourselves, to others, and to the divine. It is the courage and persistence to face our shadows, to pierce through them with the heat of our practice. It is the illumination and revelation we find on the other side, as we let the light sine between the cracks. It is inner, easeful stronghold amidst the continual external changes. It is the call that guides us both deep within and infinitely outwards.

Our practice helps us know how to return this state. Little by little, again and again we refine our process, and spend more time in the joyful state of dynamic equanimity. Over time this transforms not only ourselves but all of our endeavors and our relationships. Transformed people in time become transformed leadership. If we want to revolutionize the world, we must first revolutionize ourselves.

“You become the company you keep. So keep great company.”

- Dr. Douglas Brooks

Help us be great company. Come practice with us.