100 Hour Mat Pilates Teacher Training


In this training, we will cover:

- The history and evolution of Pilates

- The Pilates principles and their practical applications

- Applied anatomy and physiology

- Purposeful progression

- Accessibility for everyone

- Body awareness and posture mechanics

- The 34 classic exercises

- Evolved pieces to supplement the classical repertoire

- Injury prevention and recovery tactics

- Use of the Magic Circle and Pilates Ball

This is not your average weekend training. We will spend time together, learning about who Joseph Pilates was, what he offered, and why, more than 50 years after his death, we can’t get enough of it.

This will cover the basic, intermediate, and advanced exercises of the classical mat system, which will give you a comprehensive overview of not just how to do them yourself, but also how to make them appropriate and accessible for anyone who comes through your door.

We will focus on applicable anatomy and physiology, so you can understand the nuances of each exercise and offer support for those needing extra care. We will read through the books Pilates wrote and discuss his philosophy, and how we can utilize it in our own practice and teaching.

It’s not enough to practice each exercise a few times and call it good. This is an opportunity to learn, integrate, learn more, integrate more – a continual spiral that will lead you to an in-depth understanding of the classical mat repertoire. It is continued practice and reflection.


This program is intended to cater to your scheduling needs. It is rolling enrollment, which means you can start the program any time, and come in and learn as you have the time – we simply coordinate beforehand. The studio offers up to ten hours of training per week (Monday-Friday), with some weekend intensives that may be longer. Expect anywhere between four and six months to complete the training and receive certification.

This is about making mat Pilates a lifelong practice for you, and an intimate relationship with your practices ensures that should you choose to teach, you can speak from a wealth of knowledge and experience.

$1,797 for the 100 hour training program.

Includes unlimited Pilates classes at the studio while in training, access to Meghan on a week-by-week basis, and recordings of all lectures.

Please reach out to Meghan Lucas at anandayogacenterlander@gmail.com if you’d like more information.