Class Descriptions

Teacher Training Vinyasa Class

Get ready to go with the flow! These classes will be varied and offer not only detailed instruction but an array of modifications and variations to suit each individual’s practice at that moment. Questions are encouraged. These classes will run between 60-75 minutes each week, and the floor will be shared with Ananda’s teacher trainees for the 2018-2019 program.

Yoga for Stiffer Bodies

This class is specifically designed for those who currently have tighter muscles. You will learn how to safely move into poses despite any tightness you may have. This is a slower paced class with more instruction on modifications and variations for each posture to best suit your body.

Flow and Restore

An all levels class, flow emphasizes the practice of fluidly connecting breath and motion. This is a challenging practice with modifications and variations offered to either focus on the fundamentals or to take your practice a little deeper. We will slow and cool down with deep hip and/or shoulder openers at end.

Suitable for all levels, a slow practice to improve joint health, increase muscular flexibility, and aid in injury prevention. With the help of time, gravity, and props students will remain in postures on their mat for 3-5 minutes or longer, deactivating their muscles to target connective tissues in a subtle and safe way. While yin is a relatively simple practice, it is not easy. Students will work at the threshold of sustainable sensation to move through deeper and deeper layers. The practice is not about achieving a shape, it is about turning your attention inward and responding to the present reality of your body.

Yin Yoga and Meditation

Suitable for all levels, this gentle class uses comfortable, prop-supported postures to restore your mind’s and body’s ability to relax and release. Purposefully very slow, you will usually only be in 3-5 postures to prepare for Savasana, a place of potentially infinite inner peace. Guided breath work and meditation will encourage you to draw your attention inward to heighten you self-awareness and to let go of external distractions. With consistent practice you will learn to nurture presence, acceptance, and stillness inside yourself.

Restorative Yoga

A combination of yin and restorative postures to open you up and calm you down. A deep subtle exploration and practice of physical sensations, breath, and mental focus.

Yin and Restorative Yoga

Astanga synchronizes the breath with a progressive series of asana. It is a challenging practice for the body and the mind, and produces intense internal heat meant to purify the body by clearing energetic pathways in preparation for meditation. All are welcome, but some experience with flow-style classes is suggested. If you are a dedicated Astanga practitioner, please understand that this class will be slightly different from a traditional primary series/intermediate series progression.

Astanga-Inspired Flow

Warm up this winter with a gentle flow in a cozy, mildly heated room. This class will transition slowly from one pose to the next, with many modifications and variations offered so you can explore making each shape your own. This is an all-levels class.

Warm Gentle Flow

Donation-based. A 30-minute seated practice of silent meditation in a group setting. Sometimes the teacher will share their own contemplations, or the contemplations of other meditators or meditation teachers to incite inspiration for practice. Everyone is welcome, even if you have never meditated, done yoga, or once stepped in a studio.


Working with the essential Pilates mat exercises, we will focus on strengthening the postural core (pelvic floor, abdominals, hip and back muscles) and building fluency with the Pilates sequence. No prior experience is necessary.

Mat Pilates - All Levels

Pilates mat and Foundation Training combine to challenge the advanced student. We will work the anterior and posterior muscle chains, establishing strength in the deep postural muscles. Prior experience with Pilates mat work is highly recommended.

Advanced Pilates and Foundation Training

Learn mat Pilates exercises to increase strength in the core and build the mind muscle connection between your brain and belly. This will help you engage your stabilizing muscles and lengthen your limb muscles simultaneously, giving you more versatility in daily movement and athletic endeavors. This class is meant to be rigorous and elevate your heart rate. Prior experience with mat Pilates is suggested.

Pilates for Cross-Training

Includes a Wisdom Workout, Wisdom Yoga and Wisdom Pilates class each week. Intended for the older beginner, each class is catered to your body as it changes with age. We will focus on common age-related ailments and movement concerns, and focus heavily on proper (read: appropriate) and strengthening alignment for the reality of your body in each moment.

Wisdom Series