Community Service

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How we give back -

At Ananda we believe in taking care of our community. This requires a few things:

First, we establish our community. Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible. We believe every single person can benefit from these practices, and that it is our duty to provide quality instruction at an appropriate pace in a supportive atmosphere.

Second, we determine the many ways we can serve our community, to meet everyone where they are at. What may be best for some is fundraising, or advertising, and for others, it’s weekly meditation. We understand that no action is too small and when we work together we create a bigger impact.

Third, we stay fluid. We listen. We get creative. We try new things. We adapt. We reach out. We collaborate.

If you have a thought or an idea about how we can serve Lander, Wyoming and the Fremont County Area, get in touch. We’d love to hear it.

Run the Red - A Race for the Wyoming Landscape

We are so freakin’ proud to announce that we are sponsoring and supporting Run the Red this year.

Not only did we provide financial sponsorship, we will also offer pre- and post-race meditation and yoga classes, free to all participants, including volunteers and staff.

Run the Red is Wyoming's premier ultra, full and half marathon race dedicated to conserving the vast, rugged, and historical landscape of the Red Desert. For more information visit their website:

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The Soldier’s House

In collaboration with the Soldier’s House of Fremont County, Ananda offers free movement and meditation classes specifically catered to the needs of veterans. These are events meant to offer community, methods of healing, and a secure space for personal exploration.


Box Tops for Education

Most of us just toss or recycle these, as we don’t get many and to think of taking just one or two to a local school seems silly.

Come drop them off at the studio! We collect them in a vase on the desk, and each time its full we donate them all to a school in Lander or the Fremont County area.

Eastern Shoshone Business Council

When the government fails our community in one way or another, we must step in. During the most recent government shutdown, some of our community members up North were without vital income. Ananda held a food and winter clothing drive, and weekly donated money to the Wind River Reservation via the Easter Shoshone Business Council. If you are interested in learning more or finding ways you can be of help, visit their website:

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First Stop Help Center

When folks in our community are trying to get back on their feet but lack the initial resources, First Stop is there. Not only do they provide toiletries and showers, they offer laundry services, give rides to and from job interviews, and even offer financial assistance and quality-of-life trainings. Each year at Thanksgiving we show gratitude for our privilege by raising money and accepting donations on behalf of this awesome organization. Learn more by checking out their website:

We also make regular donations of money, services, and fundraising items to various organizations and non-profits around town. Below are just a few of the places we’ve supported this year:

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