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Standing Series and Ayurvedic Walking Massage with Tillie

Tantric Alignment Standing Series: Approximately forty minutes long this series is great for alignment and body sensing. Poses are held for 1 minute to give time to feel, soften, re-align and center. This series is meant to have each student sense their own self, sense their own structure and to work only the necessary muscles needed for each asana. The alignment series will culture the health of the spine, especially the sacrum as well as building bone density to offer each student more than just a stretch. This series practiced over time will help realign the body to its natural position using the bodies proprioceptors as they continually readapt to the information given throughout this asana series. Each pose is held long enough to allow each student to become comfortable there to allow tension and stress in the body to fade away through the softening of the mind.

Ayurvedic Walking Massage: The ayurvedic walking massage targets the prana and subtle energy system in the body. Prana is the primordial life force of each person; if the prana system is imbalanced, it can create psychological, emotional and physical inefficiencies in a person. These imbalances can develop into health problems as well as mental suffering in one’s life. This massage helps to balance the prana system by activating and stimulating nadi/ meridian points through the body. The word “Nadi” is literally translated as “river” in sanskrit. These rivers run from the surface of the skin down into the deeper tissues of the body, these are channels in which prana flows. There are thousands of nadi pathways that run through the body. To activate these points we will walk or press certain parts of the body using your own body weight placing gentle yet effective pressure on each muscle group. This massage also uses acupressure on the hands and feet to stimulate healthy responses in specific organs. In this workshop we will both be giving and receiving!