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Wellness Program - Low Back Health Series with Liz Davis and Sylvia Carl

With Liz Davis, MA and Sylvia Carl, CYT500hour, CPT-NSCA, Pn1

From Physical Therapy to Independence
This Wellness Program is designed in conjunction with Jessica Kotnour, DPT (Wind River Therapy).

This is the first of many exciting Wellness Program series. Stay tuned for Knee, Hip, and Shoulder Health.

Our Wellness Program is designed to help transition from physical therapy to finding your groove in your own exercise and wellness program. This will also be an appropriate series for anyone who is not in PT, but is having pain, or anyone wanting to prevent pain and injury.

We will work on:
-Core strengthening

-Glute/hip stabilization
-Pelvic tilt

February 6th-March 13th
Tuesdays 10:30-11:30 am
$60 for entire series
Sign up online at: 
Or send a check to Ananda Health and Wellness Center, 155 South 6th St., Lander.

Book your initial FREE CONSULT with Jessica Kotnour, DPT.
Please email Jessica:
Friday January 26, 1:15-2:15pm.  Each consult will be 15 minutes.